About Us

Our mission is to make staying in a budget hotel as simple as buying bananas. You might think that’s bananas but let me tell you how we remove all the hurdles one by one…

First and foremost, have you ever noticed how inconsistent the quality of budget hotels is? While some are excellent, some are….hmm….best avoided. Well, our team selects only those excellent ones for you, in the best locations across major cities in Asia. You can say we are more into quality than quantity. On top of that, we guarantee all the basic amenities including a clean room; comfortable bed; free breakfast; and free wi-fi. And because our dedicated team conducts a thorough quality check on these hotels, we assure you a great stay experience no matter which hotel you pick.

Secondly, have you ever spent hours comparing prices for budget hotels offering similar experience and struggled to understand why they are all priced so differently? Honestly, we don’t know the answer to that either. But, we have found an ingenious way to simplify the pricing model for similar hotels. ZUZUHOTELS has only three categories of hotel – Economy, Standard and Premium. Each category offers a uniquely standard experience and has a fixed low-price associated with it. All hotels in a particular category are sold at the same low-price. We’ve also made sure that price is lowest possible you can get anywhere! This way, you don’t have to spend hours trying to compare minor price differences across similar looking hotels. We believe simplicity is a wonderful thing which saves a lot of time and money.

Lastly, do you not think the online travel companies are failing at providing a simple user experience to book budget hotels? Yes, we definitely think so, and have done something about it! Our user experience is simple and flawless, no matter what device you use. In only 2 steps you can book a budget hotel, that’s 2-3 clicks less than other websites. As you can tell we are in love with our simply amazing product. Just try it and you’ll see.